Enabling Work from Home for IT SEZ Employees

The government has extended the provision of work from home to all employees of IT SEZs In a landmark announcement, Ministry of Commerce has allowed the provision of work from home for employees working in IT Special Economic Zones (SEZs). This provision was earlier available restrictively only to employees decapasitated or travelling .

NASSCOM had over the last one year made a series of representations and held meetings with Ministry of Commerce on allowing to extend the scope of work from home provision to all employees. Along with emphasising the need for this provisions NASSCOM also helped the Government in developing suitable safeguards to ensure that this provision is not misused by companies. This has been the long standing demand of the IT sector and we are glad that Government had acknowledged and accepted our recommendations. With the current notification all employees of an SEZ unit will be able to work from home subject to conditions. This would be useful for all SEZ companies who are looking to offer flexibility and under take progressive HR practices. The notification can be accessed from here: 1

Do share your feedback on how you are enabling work from home policies and how we can learn from each other on what’s working and what’s not.

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