HR in 2016: What is your main agenda for the year?

Businesses today are operating in an environment where technological advancements, demographic shifts, economic and political situations are changing on a daily basis. One of the main priorities for any business is customer satisfaction and the other is talent management. Acquiring, managing developing and retaining the right talent provides a company its main competitive edge.

Millennials are expected to account for 75% of the global workforce by 2025. These new demographics is impacting the NATURE of work and as such, the NATURE of jobs and skills also. It has therefore become imperative for firms to recognise and adapt to these changes to remain relevant to their customers and to their employees. And HR is playing a critical role in enabling this transition.

According to CEB some of the key HR priorities for firms among others that have emerged for 2016 include

  • Analytic transformation of talent
  • The Collaborative Enterprise
  • Creating the workforce of the future
  • Next generational functional effectiveness
  • Re-architecting development strategies for rising leaders
  • Making social learning productive learning
  • Competing more effectively for talent in a crowded labour market

The key  findings from a survey we conducted includes the following

Do share with us what are the ‘big ticket’ items that you plan to accomplish and your first priority in HR initiatives for the year.

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