HR in the Digital Age: HR Annual Survey trends

Digital is the current buzzword that is cutting across every facet of our life. Be it our PM’s dream project of Digital India , the huge bombardment of gadgets and gizmos or the Facebooks and Twitters of the world, one cannot miss the enormous surge of digital overhauling our whole life. In the business world too Digital has affected every domain, vertical, and service. How can then HR be left behind.

In such a scenario, this year the theme for our annual HR summit and the annual HR survey too has been largely around digital transformation of the enterprise and future of HR. The findings from the survey dwells into the different facets of how digital is reshaping HR and the proactive role HR will need to play as digital adoption becomes mainstream.


Some of the key trends emerging from the survey that was conducted among 100+ leading organisations are:

  • Focus on building digital skills is the biggest opportunity and challenge for the industry. The industry currently has about 150,000 people focused on these technologies and is looking to rapidly scale this up through multiple initiatives of training, certifications, acquisitions, higher education, self-learning etc.
  • War for talent shifts from scale to skill and 58% of the respondents have stated that they are looking to hire more laterals this year.
  • Social media tools have become an integral part of the recruiting function with almost 45% using this as the preferred mode.
  • With an increasing millennial workforce, 87% of HR leaders state enhancing employee engagement and building the culture as the No. 1 priority.
  • HR role as ‘Diversity Champion’ becomes stronger with a growing globalized workforce; ensuring equal opportunities across different strata, gender, culture, skills and ability
  • Digital + Product Engineering + Entrepreneurial skills emerge as the top skills in demand.
  • 75% of global workforce will comprise of millennial by 2025 and organisations are redefining the workplace to adapt to this generation
  • Led by SMAC, HR practices are now getting a digital makeover resulting in faster outreach to internal and external communities, offering deeper insights and a superior, seamless and enriching employee
  • Over 65% of the firms that have automated HR functions have seen employee satisfaction increase between 10-25%.
  • We also announced the annual rankings of Top 20 IT-BPM employers in India, for fiscal year 2015 in the report. Top 20 employers in the IT-BPM sector account for 1.25 million India based employees, almost a third of total employment in the sector.
  • HR of the Future will be the Change Champion, Employee Advocate, Strategic Partner

As budding entrepreneurs and innovators-the ‘new age gurus’, enter the field of play, the New World of Work will become more tech-savvy and process driven. But like our President Mr. R. Chandrashekhar says “It’s not technology and gadgets that run enterprises, its people. People are the real assets”. Firms have to keep this mind and not forget to create an environment which is not only futuristic but also employee friendly and inclusive.

Any which ways the future will surely witness a change of scene. Technology-enabled HR will become a champion of this change and build the workplace of the 21st century by helping build leaders, plan succession, digital transformation, re-skilling, etc.

To know more about the findings of this survey click here. For any queries, comments or interesting initiatives you wish to share with us you can write to  and we will surely respond.

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