HR’s role as a ‘Diversity Champion’- Is enough being done?

It is often said that your employees or your team of people will make or break your business. In today’s increasingly volatile environment (business and personal) ‘people matters’ is what matters the most for any organization. Many organizations, especially in the IT-BPM segment have consistently built development programs ensuring employee satisfaction and growth. One of the firsts to promote and support ‘inclusivity and diversity’ among its work force, the industry has been a ‘Diversity champion’ ensuring equal opportunities across different strata, gender, culture, skills and ability.

However the question arises, is enough being done? Why is there so few representation of women in any board? Why is attrition rates high in many companies? What was the need for an IT union to crop up in Tamil Nadu? With automation being propagated as a big win for all organizations, will this escalate into something huge? Are we overlooking something important or taking things too much for granted?

Do share your views with us on this important issue.

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