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When a senior IT leader was asked what he reads to keep himself updated on trends, he replied, “I watch a lot of videos of thought leaders, especially TED Talks”.

Knowledge and learning are adapting to new formats like never before, thanks to the digitization of everything. This digital transformation has fundamentally altered perceptions, expectations and behavior. As professionals – especially in HR – it’s imperative that we keep up these trends to effectively identify, engage and retain talent. The HR Summit 2019 highlights these transformations in the form of a digital conference.

We are kicking things off a notch higher. It’s a binge of absorbing real life stories about HR delivering on things like culture and leadership during and beyond the organisation’s digital transformation journey.

HR managers need to encourage conversations and interactions to drive innovation in an age where AI will be conducting interviews and automation will drive experience delivery. That’s what Days 0 and 1 will be all about this time. The finest global professionals will be giving us their perspectives on Digital Organizations and Digital HR, and leading discussions with illustrative case studies and rich content. These conversations will be taken forward in 1000+ minutes of engaging sessions, as we dedicate ourselves to crafting the “Tomorrow of HR”.

In addition to the engaging conversations that these two days promise, we also have some hand-picked start-ups, showcasing cutting edge solutions for some of the challenges faced by today’s organizations as they move towards being ‘truly digital’. Add an evening of fun to the mix, some exclusive and focused roundtables and you’re set for a memorable two days with take-aways that’ll help you drive a year of action at your place of work.

Do join us for these two exciting days of exchanging experiences, perspectives and learnings. Look forward to seeing you in Chennai!

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