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If it’s About People Then It’s the NASSCOM HR Summit

It was the 15th edition of the HR Summit at the Hotel ITC Grand Chola in Chennai (July 26-27, 2018), themed on ‘HR. Evolution in a Revolution’. Fifteen is good stuff! Fifteen is longevity. Fifteen is about heralding change over one-and-a-half decades.   

650 delegates and 50+ speakers graced the occasion this time. Top draws included Preetha Reddy, Executive Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals; V Chandramouli, CEO (Special Projects), Pidilite Industries Limited; Jason Ma, Founder, CEO & Chief Mentor, ThreeEQ; Vikram Bector,  President & CHRO,  Piramal Enterprises Limited; Vineet Agarwal, MD, Transport Corporation of India; Anuranjita Kumar, MD – HR International Hubs, RBS; Dr. Kamal Hassan, Actor & Politician; Manisha Koirala, Actress etc.

Yeh Dil Mangey More

The 3-in-1 Summit, for the first time ever. Three Mini Summits ensconced within – Digital | Cultural | Strategic. Engaging conversations on digital and the volatile sociological needs which will have to be met – marked the evolution for HR.

The Clichéd Hack – Not Really! 

The HR Hackathon brought together leaders to identify HR challenges in the Indian context. They hacked through solutions and ideas to come up with learnings that the community could take back. Two such hacks.

One on ‘Hacks for re-skilling the workforce’ and the other, ‘Hacks to attract and retain critical talent’. Aon (our content partner for this event) will prepare a white paper on each session which will be circulated across India Inc. Importantly, we hope to take the discussion forward to continue the conversation.  


  1. Treat your customers as food, stakeholders as water and employees as air. Without food you can survive 2 weeks, without water 2 days but without air..well..
  2. India has a long-term strategic advantage in the evolving digital world, thanks to the age advantage.
  3. We had a 21-year old speaker – Sai Krishna VK, Founder, Scapic who spoke on ways in which the workplace enables better business.
  4. The evolution of HR has been exponential with the 4th Industrial Revolution actually bringing back the focus on people.
  5. Even the Armed Forces have to be re-skilled to thrive in the civilian world.
  6. Every fall is a step forward which takes you closer to success.
  7. A multi-generational workforce is an advantage but how can HR manage and nurture the millennials & Gen X all in one go?
  8. Diversity and inclusion lead to more innovation, opportunities, better access to talent and business performance.
  9. Creating what will add value to the company contextually is critical, vis-à-vis replicating from the guidebook of others.
  10. Convert the time spent at work to experience.
  11. HR will shape strategy to partner business in the age of building compelling experiences.
  12. Top competencies of CHROs – Influence, Learning Agility, Digital Understanding, Curiosity & Creativity.
  13. Employees need to understand customers, their problems and ways in which they can be addressed.
  14. It’s not about the number of hours but the value you bring to the workplace.
  15. Leadership is about creating a new possibility which is not a mere extension of the past.
  16. The changing face of HR would include preparing to work alongside bots and the need to be aware of the next generation.
  17. Today’s HR – Be Outcome oriented and not be bogged down by processes.
  18. Rapid urbanization, increased outsourcing and the advent of omni-channel retail have drastically changed the landscape, increasing the need for companies to find the right people.
  19. Balancing the voice of the people vis-à-vis the leadership team, being courageous, outcome-oriented, integrating high-tech with high touch – ingredients to build a good culture.
  20. Ignore the years of experience but focus on individual passion.
  21. The key to evolution is the power to re-imagine.
  22. The life-cycle of skills is becoming shorter with each passing day. Re-skill or perish.
  23. Biggest learning in building a multi-cultural team across the globe – Don’t screw up culture!

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