Indian IT-BPM Industry- Game Changing HR Best Practices

The Indian IT industry, one of the prime drivers credited with changing the face of the nation’s economy, stands at an unchartered cross-road. With the world of technology fast gravitating to an on-demand, in-the-cloud, decentralized, digital and sharing based landscape, the industry is grappling with several challenges as it seeks to reorient and, in the process, reinvent its quasi ‘set in-stone’ practices and processes to keep up at this time of unprecedented change which has upended established orders and charts out a new ‘new normal’.

At the heart of this transformation lies the core of the industry – people. HR functions across corporations of every kind are constantly innovating and experimenting with people management paradigms that generate value for the enterprise while keeping their employees engaged, invigorated and content; across generations.

It is in this context that NASSCOM and Randstad partnered to identify key people centric initiatives that leading companies are putting in place in the Indian IT-BPM industry landscape. Five themes that have the most impact on the HR function were identified, and some innovative examples that yielded tangible benefits while simultaneously improving employee engagement are outlined below-



HR Technology Adoption


Talent Management



Employer Branding



Performance Management



Employer Productivity



The dynamic and rapidly digitalized business environment is necessitating HR functions to reinvent themselves so that they can appropriately align themselves to a changing milieu; clearly, an organization’s ability to re-imagine, re-invent and re-invigorate human capital strategies can be the difference between success and failure. We certainly hope that these case studies will provide your respective organizations actionable insights and possibly a kernel of an idea for what may become your organization’s own HR Best Practice.

For the complete list of innovative HR best practices, download the FREE NASSCOM- Randstad study – Indian IT-BPM: HR Best Practices Compendium

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