Make an irresistible offer – (Disappearing Act – III)

Thanks for following my series and co-learning with me, if you have not read through the previous posts of this series, this is a good time and its available @ part 1 & part 2.  In the past two posts, we saw the pain and some main causes of the disappearing act.

As we step in to the new year, it’s very important to reflect on candidate and employee trends to help us determine the next move in our talent acquisition and management strategy.  So, in this part of the series; we would see some current data points / trends and three best ways to give an awesome candidate experience; The Godfather Style…

Trends or data points:

Companies across the globe (particularly SMBs, emerging players and startups) find it challenging to attract, onboard and retain talent, due to low employer / talent branding the offer-drop rate is @ approx. 40% in the IT&ITES Industry and it’s even more in other industries (like hospitality & BFSI) in India rise in the early attrition (employees quit within 90 days of joining) is seen across industries

Globally concepts such as recruitment marketing, candidate nurturing & engagement gains traction and is seen as an important piece (proactive measure) in the talent acquisition & management strategy

Awesome Candidate Experience – The Godfather Style

I am a great fan of Mario Puzo’s “The Godfather” trilogy and personally love this legendary dialogue from Don Vito Corleone “I’ll make him an offer; he can’t refuse”

We may not be The Godfather, but you still need to make the best candidates an offer they can’t refuse.  The best candidates will have plenty of employment options, so don’t make the mistake of thinking a candidate will accept your offer just because you put it on the table.

So without much ado; here are the three best ways to make an irresistible offer and give an awesome candidate experience to attract, onboard & retain top talent

  • Make a quick and clear offer – Best candidates love the feeling of being wanted and the excitement of the Company to have them onboard
  • Involve all the key stakeholders (Recruiter, Hiring manager & HR) to collaborate and connect with the candidate personally at regular period with relevant updates and clarifications – Best candidates love transparent, personal and clean communication
  • Promote your talent brand, show them a glance of your Company culture and how their work will contribute to the bigger picture & help them grow in their career respectively – Best candidates love to work with the best talent and grow professionally

Making an irresistible offer doesn’t end with just an offer letter with compensation details; but the timely and personal experience after that, which makes an offer hard to refuse by the best candidates.

What do you think? As always I welcome your thoughts, comments and experience….

Be awesome and cool always…


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