NASSCOM Digital Skills Awards 2017-The Magnificent Seven

We are all currently bang in the middle of the Digital Age. Digital technologies, from the SMAC stack to IoT, 3D Printing, AI/Robotics, etc., are redefining the what, the why & when, the how & where and who of all that we do.

Unlike in the past, the impact is felt not just in the IT department. This means that the magnitude of training and re-skilling that is required is enormous. The industry is today grappling with questions like:

  • Are digital skills a key component in my workforce plans?
  • Is my HR department equipped to bridge digital skills gap?
  • How do I develop these skills across the organisation?
  • What skills are required and are these available today?
  • What are the skills of tomorrow? How do I prepare my organisation & my people for this change?

In an effort to find answers to these questions, NASSCOM launched its Digital Skills Awards 2017. We got submissions from 50 firms across large, medium and small. After a rigorous vetting process, we identified a set of seven winners:


Their Digital Competency Framework includes Freshmen Digital Incubation that creates talent from academia and Re-engineering Existing Workforce that aims to up-skill and cross-skill employees across the organisation pyramid. CSS’ efforts in this direction have seen a 4% increase in productivity, 3% decline in attrition and 2% increase in average revenue per employee


Is focusing on building skills around cloud, mobility, IoT, AI/ML/NLP and has set up four dedicated CoEs, one for each technology area. In terms of RoI, the firm has trained 10% of its engineers to be subject matter experts and 75% of trained employees are being deployed on digital focused projects


iNautix has successfully created, what they term as Persona-based Learning Pathways that are either suited to individual’s role or help define new pathways for career development.  iNautix has redefined the roles of nearly 150 Legacy/Mainframe employees by reskilling them in digital technologies


Well known for its concept of ‘Zero Distance’ to the end user, Infosys’ digital capability development program is centred round the concepts of RENEW the Core Business, Innovate into NEW Business and develop a CULTURE of Learning, Creativity & Purpose


A team of 100+ people, led by their CEO, oversee the firm’s digital alignment. This team works on identifying market needs, aligning these to L&T Tech’s strengths and mapping it to the key skills required. A personalized individual training plan is created based on team, business unit and organisation goals. These efforts have translated into 20% increase in digital customers, 20 solutions developed over last 2 years and a 30% increase in pipeline. 88% of the trained employees have been deployed in new roles


A company whose digital skills capability development program is targeted at Making Digital Real – creating the Full Stack of Engineers, Leads & Architects – from front-end to back-end and Requirements to Deployment, from Business problem to engineering solution. In the last one year, Mindtree has trained about 150 Mindtree Minds to become Digital Full Stack Engineers; >50% of Mindtree touched at least 1 Digital Skill


With a little over 100 employees, this Pune-based company has put in place separate development programs for freshers, middle management and CXOs/domain experts. Since 2014, Saviant has seen 80+ new customers added, 90% y-o-y customer retention and has started five new service and revenue streams

Heartiest congratulations to all the winners!!!

You can see the media presentation on digital skilling that was shared with the media at the HR Summit 2017. As a follow up to this event, we are also putting together a compendium of the best case studies that would soon be available on our website (Publications | NASSCOM).

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