Peek-a-boo at Some Top-graded HR Best Practices

At the NASSCOM HR Summit next week in Chennai, we would be launching “The Case Study Series 2016.” Call it a Compendium or a Ready Reckoner of sorts, it is a comprehensive collection of what some of the top companies are doing in terms of HR Best Practices. A competition of sorts, it was open to both NASSCOM members and non-members alike.

These cases will be published in our website and made available in the public domain. Of course, we are extremely mindful of the confidential nature of this document, and wherever requested, we have taken utmost care to mask specific identities.

The categories under which these cases have been classified and evaluated are:

  • HR Technology Adoption – the way HR teams are leveraging technology, to meet expectations and achieve results. Especially SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud).
  • Talent management – nurturing an agile enterprise. The way HR is working closely with business to bring more flexibility at work (work-hours, staffing models, talent engagement, training & development, addressing work-life balance issues, etc.) and managing a multi-generation workforce.
  • Employer branding. The different initiatives HR teams are taking to create an attractive employer brand, to influence policies & organisation’s structure.
  • Performance management. The re-invention of ‘bell-curved’ and ‘bi-annual’ ‘Performance management’ process to attract & retain talent, drive better employee performance and employee engagement.
  • Employee Productivity. The innovative growth strategies driven by HR to influence employees into delivering more.

A comprehensive study as this has been, the intent was to capture the quantitative and qualitative benefits from these initiatives for business. Wherever possible we have gathered testimonials from stakeholders (leaders who benefitted within the org).

Would u like to share some of the best practices within your org, with respect to the aforementioned parameters? Hope you also registered for the NASSCOM HR Summit, 21st – 22nd July, Chennai.

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