Skilling for the Future

NASSCOM Exec Council instituted a taskforce for strategizing the way forward for India’s future skilling landscape in IT BPM industry.

Three Work Streams were created:

  1. Work Stream A –  will focus on skills for new emerging areas such as cloud, internet of things, social, mobile, automation & robotics.
  2. Work Stream B – Future of existing service lines, such as F&A, Testing & Analytics.
  3. Work Stream C – 21st Century Skills, such as Customer Centricity & Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Critical & Analytical Thinking, Collaboration. 

These groups under senior leaders from the industry will work to develop blueprints towards enablement, certification and internship in these areas. And, for 21st Century Skills, the learning, design and content will have to be defined, including the partners. The teams will work on a 30-60-90 day work plan as of now.

In future, learning and skilling will be characterized by:

  • Foundational knowledge (to know) characterized by Digital Literacy, Core Content, Cross-disciplinary knowledge.
  • Meta knowledge (to act) characterized by Creativity & Innovation, Problem Solving, Communication & Collaboration.
  • Humanistic Knowledge (to value) characterized by Life Skills, Ethical Awareness, Cultural Competence.

Work Streams A & B will focus on Foundational Knowledge and C, towards Meta Knowledge.

The Overall Skilling Framework:

  • Identify focus areas
  • Define expected learning outcome
  • Change
  • Governance – based on role adoption, revision of content if required, and setting benchmarks

It must also be mentioned here that it is a collaborative approach, and the reader should not get the impression that these Work Streams will function under silos. They really cannot! The future has already unfolded, the question is how soon can we be industry ready and leverage all this.

We’d like to hear your views as well on this.

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