Tech-enabled Hiring Processes

The war for talent has intensified. As competition cleaves its way through, the idea of right talent fit is gaining pre-eminence. The IT-BPM industry has always prided itself on the fact that it is the people, who are our real assets. It is through their efforts over the decades that the industry has come to acquire pole position globally. Having said that, the non-tech companies are equally hard pressed in this and do not want to be seen with their wrong foot forward, when it comes to recruitment.

Like every other aspect of business, the room for error in hiring is diminishing steadily. In a bloodied red ocean like scenario, it is but a natural progression that technology be put to effective use, to enable an appropriate talent fit.  

An NASSCOM-CareerBuilder report has been undertaken, with the aim to highlight trends around the use of technology in the talent acquisition, and the study covers both tech and non-tech firms. It is titled Human Capital Trends Study – Application of technology in Talent Acquisition – Key Learnings & Challenges in Adoption and will be released at the NASSCOM HR Summit 2016 in Chennai. The dates for the event as you know are 21st & 22nd July.

Research Facts:

  • On an average, an organization seeks 12 sources to find candidates – from their corporate hiring site to social media & referrals. In addition, they employ an ATS or other recruitment software to manage the pre-hiring process and organize candidatures accordingly
  • Most organizations have realized that their internal systems remain disconnected, and are not in sync to bring about clarity of the complete data. However, they feel that strategic business decisions will be enabled more effectively if there is clearer visibility of data
  • Decision makers realize, it is imperative to derive synergy between IT systems and HR workforce, but face internal & external challenges to bring out the best value from such collaborative efforts

The focus of the research will aim to understand:

  • The level of maturity and implementation of technology within the Talent Acquisition process.
  • Its impact in terms of the hiring process, meeting the hiring targets, average time taken to fill open job positions, etc.
  • Functionalities enabled in this technology
  • Challenges being faced
  • Channels for sourcing talent and tracking databases
  • Use of analytics

We would love to hear your thoughts on the same. For instance, how is your organization leveraging tech in hiring? Are there any unforeseen challenges?

Do share your thoughts.

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