Technology adoption in recruitment: A boon or bane

Over the next few years, application of the right talent acquisition technology will be of utmost significance for multiple corporations, and will provide a major thrust to India’s economy and its role as a global power. In this context, CareerBuilder and NASSCOM partnered for a study to acknowledge and understand the application of the talent acquisition technology and key learnings and challenges in its adoption.

The study threw up some very poignant insights regarding adoption of sourcing technology, recruitment software and analytics for talent acquisition among firms. Some of them enumerated includes:

  • Most sourcing for hires was performed by way of major job portals, recruitment consultants, employee referrals and social media portals. The preeminent sources for quality hiring were recapitulated as the Employee Referral Programs and Social Profile Networks.
  • Inefficacy to find the right talent at the current location seconded by a lack of qualified talent was a major impediment for over 36% surveyed
  • 41% of firms surveyed wanted to remodel themselves as the “Preferred Employer Brand” in the imminent future and  many displayed their readiness to initiate proactive steps to achieve the goal.
  • 1% of the respondents enumerated their current recruitment software (ATS) as 95% effective. Only 5-10% of the hiring efforts is actualized through the existing or internal database for most of the firms
  • 47% surveyed reported, no impact or advancement or diminution of efficiency in their internal hiring process by the use of existing recruitment software.

Some of these insights are very astounding and need to be addressed appropriately.

Do let us know the challenges faced by your firm in the adoption of technology for sourcing, recruitment or any other HR activity. Is there any challenge at all or have you cracked the code in the adoption of technology. It will be interesting to know your thoughts on the same. Do take a look at our study here

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