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The Summit Agenda – Through the Eyes of Sandeep Chaudhary, CEO, Aon Hewitt

Did you know he is a brilliant cook and an avid marathoner? A fact brought to the fore by our emcee, Ranjana. Why does he love to cook so much? So that his kids can experience, “baap ka haat ka khana” as well! And running, gives him a sense of being liberated from all his troubles.

  • Aon Hewitt was our Content Partner for the NASSCOM HR Summit. Sandeep likes this sojourn to be his “annual date with the HR fraternity.” As we scale higher peaks, the bar gets raised. This brings us to the raging discussions / deliberations even debates about solving for the future.


  • This is an age where it is not difficult to visualize an automated car which does goes from 0 – 100 km/h in less than 10 seconds. At the heart of this is SOFTWARE! We are living in times when trans-genders may soon have separate washrooms.


  • 10 to the power 18 is 1 exabyte. The Library of Congress in Washington DC has 1000 exabyte of printed material. Last year alone, 1100 exabytes of data was generated online.  


  • The Super Computer which was powered to land Man on the Moon, had a memory of 6 Megabytes which is less than what the game “Candy Crush” consumes today on smartphones.


  • INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE are no more about power. Available today at almost zero cost.


  • So, what is it that really stands out in 2017? Skills and sensory skills. Machines are acquiring skills at a faster rate than what was ever imaginable and bringing about mankind’s biggest challenge – lack of meaningful work which often gets dubbed as Technological Unemployment. It will become increasingly heavy on machines and light on labour interventions. Just as this may be bad news, for many it may also be viewed as good news – the creation of a different kind of abundance will take away drudgery.


  • More than job descriptions or even jobs per se, it will be actual performance which will determine organizational culture and will be defined by new skill sets. For instance, in US today, the Freelance Economy is worth 75 billion USD. This shift will bring in an altogether different perspective.


  • Technology is continually breaking down silos which is leading to Consumerization across industries.


The Summit will not necessarily address all these idea or its challenges, but will definitely attempt to show direction to HR challenges in such a dynamic world.   


This blog is about the author’s session at NASSCOM HR Summit. You can see blogs from other session using this tag: hr summit 2017 

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