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“War for Talent” – Does your HR department have excellent strategies to win?

Every HR I talked to recently told 3 of the things below mostly:

  • It is really hard to find good employees
  • Candidates accept a job offer and use it as a negotiating tool with other companies
  • Candidates ask for ridiculously high salaries

What most of the HR departments do?

Many HR departments still do things in the old school way when they need to recruit for a position. Posting in job boards, engaging recruitment agencies, run ads in social media etc. To recruit for the same position after several months, the HR department does all the same work again. Some HR departments have implemented excellent HR management systems but only few has a really good strategy to engage the people whom they talk to everyday and grow the network.

“War for Talent” is getting intense. If you want to win, you need to do things differently. One simple way is to develop an excellent marketing system for your HR department.

Some ideas to try:

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