Are you haunting your audience with the headless man?

Blogs written in the community groups(place blogs) do not reflect in their author’s blog (personal blogs) page. So here’s the link to my blog on appropriate usage of images and what to consider when using stock images.


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  1. Great insights on improving the ‘stickiness’ of social media posts… all told compellingly through a concise post!

  2. Very well written Nitin…agree with your views here regarding usage of appropriate images!

  3. Thanks

  4. Hands down, I love to use and see human-centric images in marketing materials, though not the headless ones for sure. When I’m writing content the image/visual part is what fascinates me the most. I believe selecting the right stock image for your content is the toughest and most time-consuming task – but is usually not given that much weight. I believe the key is to select one with right context to your content and the emotion you would like to evoke from your target audience.


    On the other hand, I’m a big fan of abstracts/vector graphics as well – they are really good at conveying messages which are highly technical in nature.

  5. Thank you, Sameer!

  6. Absolutely ‌. It is us to us to find the image with the right context to the content, with the right emotion. My point was not to fixate on just happy or headless faces. Stock Images are a blessing to us marketers, but we need to use them wisely.

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