Best app analytics tool to provide real-time insight into performance and user experience.


Do you have the experience of knowing how many users have downloaded your mobile app and how is the user engagement with the app?

If the answer is no, then it’s time for you to use mobile app analytics for it.  App analytics is a tool that is designed to track the performance of your mobile app. It is very important to focus on what customers are doing with your app, optimizing their experiences or else it will affect the organization’s revenue. Analytics data within your mobile app can provide you important data regarding what features in your app are being used, search terms that are used the most and about conversion data. By gathering these data, one can easily work for a better user experience and improved conversion rates.

There are number of analytics tools available in the market to track user behavior. Some of the best mobile app analytics tools are listed below, check it out.

Google Analytics: It is one of the most popular tool for measuring app success. Google Analytics SDK works well for any mobile platform and websites. It provides information about how users access your app, how long they use your app and where exactly they are located. This tool is easy for those who are already familiar with Google Analytics and it provides performance analytics. It is the analytical platform from Google for both mobile and desktop advertisers, publishers and also mobile app developers.

Flurry Analytics: Flurry is also one of the best analytics tool that is compatible with various mobile app platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and mobile web. This tool provides users an insight about their ad performance and detailed user acquisition reports. This tool is absolutely free and offers crash and error analytics. Flurry provides information about sessions, session length, retention, active users and etc.

Appsee: Appsee is a tool with unique features. It lets you know what exactly happens when someone is using your app. One can track user recordings, real-time in-app analytics, user flow, navigation path etc. This tool provides quality information about data that can help in maximizing the customer engagement. Appsee SDK’s can be easily integrated with your mobile app. It automatically creates events based on the user engagement with your app and you can create events based on it.

Facebook Analytics: It’s a simple tool with simple UI available for both iOS and Android. It provides real-time data on demographics, push notifications based on user’s behaviors and identification of top customers. To access Analytics, your app should be registered with Facebook which is a very simple process.

Localytics: This tool helps you to promote your app by providing wide range of data. Localytics provides an overview of every users with number of sessions. It supports platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, blackberry and HTML5. Information provided by this tool helps in targeting customers. One can also send push notifications and messages within the app to engage users.

App Annie: This tool tracks app sales along with user activity. One can check app data such as app downloads, revenue, rating and reviews from iTunes and Google Play. It provides every single information that you need to build your business with mobile applications.

The above listed tools works well with iOS or Android mobile apps. If you are in dilemma of choosing analytics tool for your app, then reach FuGenX. FuGenX, the best mobile apps development company Bangalore, India develops engaging mobile app with excellent quality of apps.

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