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By Samir Yajnik

Executive Director, Electra EV

An exciting new phase in design & engineering is about to begin and, this time, India may lead the world. The Indian engineer has contributed massively to many global product success stories but these efforts are from “inside’’. The Engineering & Design Council of NASSCOM has been analysing and meticulously working on the factors needed to scale our engineering –  by working on being ahead of the curve on technology disruption, establishing foundational skill-readiness in colleges and in industries and by building a start-up ecosystem. 


Yet, when we compare what’s going well for our engineers in the current scenario with what needs to be done, there are a couple of vectors which I believe are provide fillip to our differentiation and significantly help in scaling up.


The first is social innovation, i.e. products and services that are intended to impact many human lives– be it for cleaner air and water, making energy equally available for the masses or simply making devices more efficient. India is hungry for infrastructure and ecosystem that enables creation of such instruments of impact. The idea of scale first and concept later is passe. Now, innovation will require us to think at scale.


The other is a natural progression of the India’s $170B growth story in the IT industry which is software led. Software, not just written for the export market  but software-in-products that promotes the use of connected devices and equipment,  enables electric mobility and use of alternative energy etc. There is a need for software that empowers people through various forms autonomy within India through creates products meant for the people of India. Naturally, once successful these products and services will go to the rest of the world that need them.


Many show cases at the 10th NASSCOM’s Design and Engineering Summit in Bangalore on 15-16 November will prove the above points.

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