Tempest of Technology

By Marco Tempest
Creative Technologist

Magicians Create Impossible Things

If both, magic and technology fascinate you endlessly, Swiss magician Marco Tempest will bowl you over. The award-winning cyber magician had his audience in rapt attention at the NASSCOM Technology & Leadership Forum 2019, opening the event with not a single, but two mesmerizing sessions on magic as technology if the future.

At the heart of his art is futuristic technology. The star of The Virtual Magician enthralled audiences with a glimpse of how the intersection of technology and humanities can create entertaining futuristic “magical” experiences, with not one, but two riveting sessions.

Old Tricks, New Secret Sauce

From levitation to card tricks, magicians seem to recycle the same tricks through the ages, and Tempest is not about to digress, albeit without the blood and gore of splitting humans, but millions more on the expense ledger! But in our time of collaboration, Marco makes no bones about this “secret”. He does, however, point out a basic human trait, “Our imagination is more powerful than our reasoning,” as he made many twinkling drones fly to his swaying arms and gestures with the backdrop of European trance.

Founder of The Magic Lab in New York City, Tempest’s art, though driven by technology, mesmerises in equal measure by his witty puns and evident regard for the “art” of technology application.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

 Tempest cites robots, complex calculating machines, mobiles, and computers as things that would’ve been considered magic a century ago. “Science will make real what was once considered magic.” He demonstrates the prototype of his own augmented reality glasses on-stage.

Tempest proposes that the tools of technology – robotics, AR, VR, and AI can seamlessly unify with a creative narrative to make user interface easy, enjoyable, and more productive, helping bring stories to life. He calls out to artists, storytellers, and user experience designers to think about questions pertaining to not only ethics, but also to inform and delight public at large.

Techno-Optimism at its Best

Tempest is of the belief that a lot of problems created by humanity can be solved by technology, especially by large corporations. He looks to business leaders to pave the way for technology to help the human race of the future.

“To magicians, the world is like ‘The Matrix,’ where what meets the eye is not even the tip of the iceberg. He elaborates, “Objects and ideas can be twisted, morphed and manipulated to do things they were never designed to do.”

Signing off, the self-confessed techno-optimist says, “Technology seems to want to democratise itself by being adapted to scale. People were afraid of technology even a decade ago. Today even students are learning lessons about magical new technologies – so we see that they’ve democratised themselves to say in the market!”

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