NILF 2018 Pre-Sessions: Rise of freelance economy

”Rise of freelance economy” is a session at WCIT NILF 2018 on Day 1. It is an important issue and the biggest gathering of technology industry leaders will be discussing various aspects of it. Just to put it in perspective, India is world’s second largest freelance economy. Is UBER a good example of freelance or gig economy? This article raises important questions about the issue –  Are these types of platforms an economic boon to workers who want a flexible way to generate income? Or are they the latest sign of worsening income inequality and a fraying safety net for workers?

So, participate in our first NILF pre-session. Tell us what you think about freelance economy. Share your thoughts, ideas, predictions, suggestions and questions in the comments. 

What are your expectations from employers? 

What platforms do you use to get freelance tech work?

Do you think it will help in empowering women?

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