Virtusa’s Strategic ‘Train Before You Hire’ Model

We invited stories of reskilling from the Indian IT industry, both from companies and individuals. These are stories of hope and inspiration in changing times. This story is of Virtusa. 

Virtusa’s Centers of Excellence ( CoE) program across academic institutes ensures industry readiness of fresh talent. 

Identify,  build, nurture talent in technology space – focus on making students job ready  from day 1 helps them get a head start to their career while reducing lead-time of resources and costs for the organization. Our unique approach of establishing ‘Campus Centers of Excellence’ across institutes aims at training the faculty and students on current technologies and platforms. The students who are then recruited, experience a smooth transition into the industry. 


1. Selection of institutes basis their credentials of how technically sound they are and how far will they be able to pick up one of the niche technologies and train the students

2. Faculty from institutes are identified, called for 4 weeks of “Train the Trainer” program, split across 2 phases. The training is anchored by SMEs and platform partners to ensure complete delivery in sync with technical requirements

3. Identified faculty are asked to go through a certification program, ensuring that they qualify at a basic level

4. Hiring of candidates happens at the institutes. Students are selected based on skills learned – coding, testing, etc. Focused recruitment process

5. Selected students are put through extensive training program during final semester, led by trained faculty. These in turn, are monitored by Virtusa GTP team, evaluating candidates constantly on topics covered

6. Selected candidates are put through a certification program soon after they join the organization

In the last one year, team GTP has recruited and on-boarded ~805 associates with an attrition rate <5%


Benefits to the Institute & the Students:

  • Give students a head start in the dynamic world of IT
  • Completion of industry pre-requisites makes them equivalent to a candidate with one year experience vis-a-vis Green field training (minimum 3 months; can get extended by 6 months)
  • Candidates can move into fast track career progression, which gives them an edge over others. This also helps them in preparing for the next level pre-requisites, thereby moving up the ladder much faster.

Benefits to the organization

  • In-house training program being transitioned to campus – reduce cost and time taken to train students
  • While in-house training can sometimes be cut short to meet urgent business needs, CoE’s have proven to be the solution as training delivery happens without any compromise.
  • Day 1 deployable and billable resource available who are equivalent to an one -year experienced resource

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