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Re: Widespread proliferation of Automation based Offerings

Automation has evolved differently in different streams and offerings also matched that pace accordingly.

For e.g., Test automation has been around for long time and matured faster than automation in other core IT application services. Similarly, automation in infrastructure services and BPO space also has been around for a while and have good set of offerings and tool/products around that. It is just matter of time when we will have complete suite of lot more automation offerings, both from established players and start-ups. Good news is that recent evolutions are happening at much faster pace than ever.

Job security / in-security will not play much role in this. In the current world of start-ups, there is always someone doing something to disrupt what is around. If any large player does not want to embrace automation (or for that matter any innovation), they would become insignificant soon. Start-ups will continue to change /disrupt things overnight.

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