20 Takeaways from NASSCOM NTLF 2020

Insights. Predictions. Some Thought Provoking Questions.


The year is 2020 and the trend is also T 20. So I have toed the line and chosen 20 key takeaways from my learnings at NTLF 2020.

NASSCOM, India’s apex body for IT sector recently organized 28th edition of NASSCOM Technology and Leadership Forum (NTLF 2020) at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. The key themes in the forum included future of entrepreneurship and trust in data

Other topics which featured in the discussions included data and privacy, trade wars, regulations, inclusivity and sustainability, technology in rural India and so on. As per Sangeeta Gupta Sr Vice President, NASSCOM, “NTLF lays emphasis on the theme ‘Tech In 20’s: Coming of Age’ and will highlight how the next decade is likely to play out in catalysing businesses and accelerating innovation at the core level. She added, ”Today its artificial intelligence and blockchain, tomorrow it maybe quantum. Technologies will continue to shift and evolve but how do business build their organisations to be able to deal with this continuous technology change. It is also important that we build learning organisations to ensure skilling and re-skilling,”

The forum brought together over 150 speakers, more than 600 CXOs and 1,500 delegates. My 20 takeaways from the event are given below:-


Takeaway 1- Tech for All

90 million people will join the workforce by 2030, and India must leverage tech to provide them quality education and healthcare to tap into the economy’s growth potential.

N. Chandrasekaran, Chairman, Tata Sons


Takeaway 2- Monetising Content

3 critical factors to keep in mind while monetizing content: Patience, Consistency and Strategy.

Neeraj Roy, Founder & CEO Hungama


Takeaway 3- Tech for Social Good

Technology gives us the power to change the world. Question is as an industry, how do we use it for good? How do we want to shape the use of technology in India?

Debjani Ghosh, President, NASSCOM


Takeaway 4- India 2030

5 things to know about India by 2030: 1. second largest economy (GDP), ahead of US, behind China 2. one billion plus internet users 3. 77% or population under age 44 4. 80% of population is middle class 5. $5.7 trillion consumer spending

Vala Afshar, Chief Digital Evangelist, Salesforce


Takeaway 5- Status of Indian IT Industry

If we have to think about the big technological changes in the past decade, we have been on a catch up mode. But in the last few years, the Indian IT industry has been at the forefront of digital, leading our clients in their transformation journeys.

Rajesh Gopinathan, CEO, Tata Consultancy Services


Takeaway  6- Status of Indian Industry

“The big shift is that industries are moving from being product driven to be purpose driven”.

Rajesh Gopinathan, CEO, Tata Consultancy Services


Takeaway 7 – The Smart Economy

“A smart economy is not just about creating software professionals. It has to include farmers, children, and blue-collar workers. We have to remove the halo that artificial intelligence is only for the elite,”

N. Chandrasekaran, Chairman, Tata Sons


Takeaway 8 – Trust in Digital Era

Trust is a function of 2 parameters. Competence comprising 1/4th and ethical behavior comprising 3/4th.

Ashwin Yardi, CEO- India, Capgemini


Takeaway 9- Realizing 5 Trillion Dream

3i mantra to realize 5 Trillion dream: 1) Innovation across tech ecosystem 2) Infrastructure infusion & augmentation & 3) Inclusive growth.

KT Rama Rao, Minister for Industry and IT, Govt of Telangana


Takeaway 10- Arrival of Industry X.0

Industry 4.0 gets replaced by Industry X.0 where X stands for Experience

Marc Carrel Billiard, Head, Research and Development, Accenture


Takeaway 11- Own the Adventure

The “I” in experience will entrust the individuals or users with the responsibility of owning their adventure.

Marc Carrel Billiard, Head, Research and Development, Accenture


Takeaway 12- Human Machine Collaboration

Collaborative efforts between AI and humans would reprogram chatbots for an immersive experience.

Marc Carrel Billiard, Head, Research and Development, Accenture


Takeaway 13- Every CEO becomes Tech CEO

Increased participation of humans with technology will ensure that every CEO becomes a tech CEO by the end of the techade (2030)


Takeaway 14- Trust and Consumer Quotient

Trust and Bias free AI would up the consumer quotient. As a consumer when I can trust AI or machines, I would use it more often.

Jagdish Mitra, Chief Strategy Officer, Tech Mahindra


Takeaway 15- The Power of Storytelling

There’s a way of telling a story that’s palatable to your audience. That’s what makes them buy into your digital innovation.

Yuri Aguiar, CIO, Ogilvy


Takeaway 16- India’s Techade

It’s not just Techade. It’s India’s Techade. The country with the right amount of digital talent is going to win talent war.

Debjani Ghosh, President, NASSCOM


Takeaway 17- Industry Academia Collaboration

Industry academia collaboration will be a key for success. Industry should set up Centres of Excellence in technology at Universities.

Milan Kumar, WABCO Automotive


Takeaway 18 – Six pillars of Technology’s success

HSBC’s six pillars are :-

  • Mobile
  • API
  • Data
  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud
  • Heritage

Balasubramanian Ganesh, Head, HSBC Technology India


Takeaway 19 – Cultural Shift for Techade

Cultural shift can’t come from bottoms-up, it needs to come from the top, executive support key to drive change in the mindset.

Anshu Sharma Raja, Global Head, Retail Banking Technology, Standard Chartered Bank


Takeaway 20- Survival of the fastest?

‘It is no longer the survival of the fittest but the survival of the fastest”

Richard Knaster, Principal Consultant, Scaled Agile


According to NASSCOM Research’s Strategic Review Report #TechadeTheNewDecade , “The world economy is growing at 3% but the Indian IT-BPM industry grew at 7.7% in FY20”. Three cheers for the momentum of the growth of Indian IT industry.

NTLF 2020 was certainly a great beginning to the Techade. Are you ready for the tech dive?

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Dr Amit Nagpal is President & Co-Founder of Bloggers Alliance, a national association of bloggers and storytellers. He has written 4 books including an Amazon bestseller Personal Branding, Storytelling and Beyond. He has addressed C level executives & entrepreneurs at various international events organised by International Coach Federation, Story The Future, USA etc.
He has also conducted corporate training and consulting assignments in business storytelling for Accenture, Go Medii, Tata Communications and so on.



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