Extension of deadline to submit comments on NODE Consultation Whitepaper


The Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY) released a White Paper on National Open Digital Ecosystems (NODE) (link) in February. The whitepaper highlights key elements of NODE and describes the paradigm shift from earlier approaches to digital governance or ‘GovTech’. It establishes design principles that can help realise the full potential of open digital ecosystems to create transformative impact across sectors. The final chapter of the whitepaper lists a set of key questions on which public consultation is sought- the questions relate to governance, financing and risk management of NODES.

Open digital ecosystems refer to open and secure digital delivery platforms. MeitY, alongwith other departments of GoI, is working on building an enabling ecosystem to leverage digital platforms for transformative social, economic and governance impact, through a citizen-centric approach.

MeitY had invited comments from stakeholders on the whitepaper till 31st March 2020.

NASSCOM’s Representation

NASSCOM had written to MeitY to extend the 31st March deadline to submit comments on the whitepaper. We highlighted that NASSCOM is conducting member and other stakeholder consultation to submit feedback to MeitY on this policy framework. However, given the current situation due to COVID-19, most of our members have other immediate issues to deal with.

We, therefore, requested an extension of the deadline for providing inputs on the Consultation Whitepaper to 31st May to enable us to conduct stakeholder consultations, discussions and meetings on this policy framework and submit a comprehensive feedback to MeitY.

MeitY’s Response

MeitY has accepted our request and extended the timeline for submitting comments on the whitepaper by 2 months, i.e. 31 May 2020.

NASSCOM has already sought inputs from its members and other stakeholders on the whitepaper (link). We will continue to accept inputs and comments till 30 April 2020 in order to make timely submission to MeitY.

Please write to and to submit your comments or queries.







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