Request for inputs on existing customs Laws and Procedures

Dear All,

During Budget speech, the Hon’ble Finance Minister had announced to undertake a review of existing Customs laws and procedures to for aligning them with the needs of changing times and also to identify those notifications which may have outlived their utility or have become outdated. In this context, MyGov is inviting suggestions for undertaking review of existing Customs exemption notifications. The suggestions may include:-

  1. The need for review of a particular notification
  2. Amendment in wording of the notification for bringing clarity
  3. Consolidation of similar entries
  4. Extent of use of the notification, etc.
  5. Requests for routine merit-based change of duty rates considered usually as part of the Budget proposals are not covered under this review exercise and the same need not be furnished.

The last date of providing inputs to the government is August 21, 2020.

In this context, we request you to kindly provide your inputs in the following format to before August 10, 2020:

S.NO. Section/ Rule / Regulation / Notification/ Circular Suggestion Justification

Let me know in case you need any clarifications.

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