3 Steps to AI-Enable your Product

All products need to adopt AI to stay relevant. What to do if AI is not a core skill?  Where do you start?  What functionality do your AI-enable?  How do you implement the requisite functionality in your product? 


You can AI-enabling your product in 3 steps.

  1. Envision the AI-enable future of your client industry. Understand and map what your industry will look like in 5-10 years, as software and AI eat large parts of the value chain and a company just born in Silicon Valley could be upstaging the Fortune 500 market leader in the industry. Where will value be created in the future?  What capabilities will your customers demand then?  How can you create abundance for your customers, and therefore for yourself?  A framework to help you envision your digital future is available in a separate post.


  1. Measure and Capture all data. Capture all data, not just the results. This includes process steps and intermediate activity data. Particularly important is data on failures: data on sales calls that failed is as important as order information from successful sales calls. If a step is consuming organizational time and resources, measure and record it.


  1. Integrate an AI platform. You can rarely make a case to build an AI platform. With so many good platforms available at low cost, the high degree of specialization involved in building an AI platform, and the rapid improvement in the state of the art and platform capability, you are much better off integrating with any of the available popular choices. Choose carefully based on underlying technology compatibility and hidden costs before you integrate and keep control of your data.


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