To Digitally Transform your organization, you must prepare for and adopt AI

What makes Digital Transformation particularly difficult is that we do not know what the destination looks like. The stakes certainly seem big. Where do you start – by hiring (or re-training for) new skills, investing in platforms, or upgrading your systems to capture more data? The risks and promised rewards are outsized. How much is hype vs. reality?  How much time and money is required to see results?  What is the ROI?  How will we recognize when we become “Digitally Transformed”?  Do we have to risk our core business in the process, or can we work on new business or non-core processes?


Digital Transformation is unlike any management project we are trained for. We do not know Where to Start, Time & Money to allocate, and How to Track Progress. No wonder organizations are struggling to execute.


The trick is to reframe the problem as AI-adoption rather than Digital Transformation. What does a Digital organization look like?

  • Has Technology everywhere and at the core
  • Stakeholders are Digitally connected and Information flows securely across
  • Makes all decisions based on data and learns continuously


AI-driven organizations share all the same characteristics; and in addition, they rely on algorithms for decision support and process optimization. AI-enabling the organization necessarily also Digitally Transforms it. In fact, since AI-enablement provides tangible goals and ROI, AI-enabling the business make the Digital Transformation exercise much more tractable.


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