AI meets OS (Org Smarts): Business Leaders share their Secrets

All products need to adopt AI to stay relevant. CxOs have a tough challenge. AI adoption can make or break your business. You have seen successful, well established businesses disrupted, even bankrupted by internet businesses. While you are busy fighting that threat, upgrading your technology capabilities and have just caught up with the internet era, analytics and mobile-enabled businesses are disrupting even technology-savvy companies.  Now you can see AI looming as a threat.


What is the road to success? How do you prepare your people, your platforms and your organization culture for an AI-world?  While AI might threaten the existence of your business, successful transformation could provide big wins. Where do you start your journey to adopting AI?  How do you ensure your organization is ready?  What functionality do your AI-enable?  How do you implement the requisite functionality in your product?

What comes first: Data, Automation or People?  Do you start with a core or a non-core area?  With high strategic value initiatives or with low risk projects? What role does culture play and how do you develop the right culture? What skills do you train and what skills do you hire?  How do you balance traditional business knowledge with digital and AI skills? How do you manage the process minimizing the risk and disruption to your current business?  We have a series of talks just for you!

We will open with a Fireside Chat (confirmation pending) with Nitin Chugh, who heads Digital Banking and Personal Liabilities Products at HDFC Bank and has implemented several AI initiatives at the Bank, in conversation with me. Nitin will share an overview of the AI Landscape:  the big picture, trends, how companies are adopting AI, risks and challenges.

This will be followed by 3 CxOs leading the AI transformation of their organizations: 

  • Dileep Mangsuli, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Wipro-GE Healthcare, and previously Engineering leader for Energy Management.
  • Y S Vinay, VP of Engineering and Principal Architect, Flipkart.
  • Namrita Mahindroo, Senior General Manager, Digital Transformation at Mahindra Group.


Finally, we will hear from two product entrepreneurs who had thriving businesses in the pre-AI era, and have since successfully transformed their ventures to an AI-first Product business:

  • Arjun Pratap, Founder & CEO at EdGE Networks, providing AI-driven solutions for talent acquisition and workforce optimization.
  • Padmanabhan D, Founder & CEO at Appnomic Systems, leveraging Machine Learning to capture and analyze performance metrics for IT Operations across the technology stack.


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