3 ways to identify greenfield SaaS opportunities for Digital Bharat

According to IAMAI-KPMG estimates, India has a total of 500 million Internet users, over 300 million of whom are mobile Internet users. Much of the growth is coming from rural areas, driven by low-cost smartphones and low data tariffs. Traditional SaaS products created for the affluent, urban English users (and for businesses catering to such consumers) do not work for the new users.


Who will create the apps and enterprise SaaS products for the 300mn plus (and growing) denizens of Digital Bharat?  This creates a unique opportunity for SaaS developers in India. But how do you identify the opportunities?



To identify opportunities, understand your users. You need to make a difference in their lives; the bigger the difference and larger the number of people effected, the bigger the opportunity. All these are like to be white space opportunities with no international competition. Opportunities will typically fall into one of the following buckets.


Can you answer these questions for your users?

  1. How do the users make and spend money today? Follow the money to understand the priorities of your users, where they will spend money tomorrow.
  2. What daily friction do these users face? Can you remove significant inconvenience or risk from their lives?  Can you bring transparency and control where it matters?
  3. What are the unmet aspirations and opportunities that you can enable? Can you provide access and empowerment to pursue passions and dreams?


Once you have identified the opportunity, you need to develop it into a business.

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