Diversity And Inclusion

India’s Tech Industry-Women for the Techade


Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is not a new topic in company boardrooms. However, with various studies categorically establishing the business impact of having a diverse and inclusive workforce, this topic has gained more prominence. In fact, in many companies, D&I programs are a CEO-led mandate and form part of the KPAs of leaders. For NASSCOM and India’s technology industry, promoting diversity and inclusion is a core value. It is in this context that we have been conducting the annual D&I summit and recognizing companies that are leading the way in ensuring a more equitable workforce. Under NASSCOM’s Diversity and Inclusion agenda, we had conducted the Diversity & Inclusion Awards 2019. We saw participation from 44 organisations (in terms of their employees, these r...

Nurturing Workplace Diversity to Achieve Holistic Perspective for Innovation & Growth.


Today, all innovations are being driven by the ability to perceive solutions through multiple viewpoints. And one of the ways to address this is by acknowledging the perspective of differently abled candidates with their varied world view. This innovation methodology hold true for both Product and Services industries. Most companies are recognizing that there is a need to address their employment mind-set from the very inception in order to build a truly inclusive environment. However the ways and means to this process is still being limited to CSR activities. SSC NASSCOM wants to go beyond the government mandate and truly bring persons with disability (PwD) job seekers at par with all candidates. The reality that most PwDs candidates face is limited accessibility to job opportunities due ...