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Providing curfew passes and thermal imaging solutions using AI & analytics: Interview with Atul Rai, CEO and Cofounder, Staqu


If you’re an urban, upper class Indian living in a Tier-1 city, chances are your life hasn’t been disrupted too much in terms in availability of essential goods and items. Even though the nation has been in lockdown for three weeks now, the supply and delivery of essential goods and services has continued, albeit several hiccups. Following the announcement of a lockdown and consequent sealing of state borders, there was cause for concern among major food retailers and supply chain vendors on the movement of goods within and between states and cities. There were reports of violence against delivery executives in scattered incidents across the state as enforcement authorities were merely following the diktat of social distancing and complete isolation. This is where Atul Rai and his team of ...

Enhancing the need for facial recognition based attendance says Vedpal Singh, Founder CEO of CamfyVision


When a friend approached Vedpal Singh to develop a solution that could address unseen & unreported incidents in boarding schools, he thought facial recognition aided by AI was the best bet. That was two years ago. Today, he looks poised to take on the new wave of opportunities that will likely present themselves after the lockdown period ends in India, and companies begin to resume work per usual. But one thing will likely change, and probably stay changed for a long time to come – biometric attendance tracking. COVID19 hit us in full force by early March. Based on news reports and findings by researchers, it became evident that this virus can spread and multiply rapidly in many ways. While it is relatively simpler to isolate infected individuals, the worldwide fight against COVID19 be...