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#LeaderTalk: In Conversation with Mr. Argha Bose, Head – Cyber Security Practice & Risk Business, Tata Advanced Systems Limited


This is a very different angle to leadership and business as we see often. It is clear that with greatly enhanced connectivity and remote working requirements, the focus on cybersecurity will be at an altogether different level. We were fortunate to catch up with Mr. Argha Bose over a virtual luncheon session, and he was kind enough to share his insights. Please read on, to find out how the future is going to look like: Please share your thoughts on how you are managing productivity and employee morale during this crisis. As you know, we are into cybersecurity and at this point, it is one of the most critical areas in which companies always need to remain vigilant . Ours is primarily a people-driven business that requires a very high level of skills and capacity to deliver. At TASL Cyber S...

#LeaderTalk: In Conversation with Mr.Kumar Bachchan Co-founder and COO, Niveshan Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.


1. You’ve had a phenomenal run so far – 2.5 times growth in Year 2 itself. Please tell us what worked well and things you may have wanted to turn out better. A deep-down on your strategy, please. Today’s market is very tough and differently competitive, even before COVID. There are too many players, new players keep emerging, and existing players going out of business. The good news is, technology-led disruptions are changing stakeholder’s requirements & expectations with changing times; the market is growing and expanding. New solutions are emerging. In such a scenario, FOCUS is among the single most differentiators. Market opportunities look quite lucrative with lots of pull factors. One of the major factors with Focus at top of the agenda, is ‘art of saying NO’ or being ‘selective’....

#LeaderTalk: In Conversation with Mr. Sudhir Tiwari, Managing Director, Thoughtworks India


Please share your thoughts on how you are managing productivity and employee morale during this crisis?  On Productivity  That’s an interesting one. Since we are a global company and have offices in China and Italy, we could foresee that a lockdown in India was looming large. Given the situation we are currently in, our productivity has been good as before but, we don’t yet know what the long-term implications are likely to be. We have adopted the Agile way of working since 2001; our teams are fairly self-organized with a bottoms-up approach to getting things done. Even earlier, communicating with the teams has never been a challenge, however, over the last few weeks, frequency of communication has gone up substantially. With the restrictions on physical movements, we’ve been leveraging di...

The new timeline is – BC( Before Corona) and AC ( After Corona) says Achyuta Ghosh, Head, Research NASSCOM


Here are 7 key things that I learnt from the session by Mr. Achyuta Ghosh on “Can COVID-19 accelerate the enterprise digital transformation?” on 7th May 2020. COVID19- Once in a lifetime event Years down the line, when we will look back to this decade, we’ll remember it as the era of COVID-19. It has been over 4 months since the epidemic started to spread, and still, 80% of the world remains under lockdown, 4.5 million people have contracted the disease, and over 300,000 have died due to it. It has been an economic disaster of unhead proportions too- millions have lost jobs, world GDP is expected to significantly contract his year, consumer and enterprise economics is severely impacted. This is especially critical as the world, and Indian tech industry in particular, is coming off a great ...

EdTech Product- Parent Investment in Child’s Learning says Pushpa Thantry, Senior Programme Manager, Akshara Foundation


What led to the formation of Akshara Foundation? Can you throw light on some of its ongoing projects? Akshara Foundation was established as a Public Charitable Trust in March 2000. Ashok Kamath, a former corporate head, is our chairman and managing trustee. The Foundation was started with a firm belief that every child has a right to quality education. A beginning was made in 2003 by starting independent balwadis for which women were trained as ‘edupreneurs.’ Being Bangalore-based, the Foundation launched its Remedial Reading Programme titled Oduve Nanu (This translates as ‘I will Read’ in Kannada) in 2004. Ever since we began, our focus has been on primary education, covering grade I to V. Our journey began through a partnership with the Government of Karnataka (GoK). Oduve Nanu was imple...

Here’s why C-Level Executives Should Stay Away From These 6 Cybersecurity Myths, says Priya Kanduri, VP, CTO, IMSS

The C-suite in any organisation is entrusted with the responsibility of spearheading innovation, progress, and company direction. Additionally, C-level executives hold a greater responsibility in maintaining the security of their network. Hackers believe senior executives are the weakest link in an enterprise network, often falling prey to fraud and phishing scams. In the current digitally advanced era, it is imperative for senior executives to develop a solid foundation of security realities to ensure the organisation is prepared to detect and defend cyber threats at all times. However, certain myths around cybersecurity that c-level executives should consider seriously, which could prevent them from safeguarding the enterprise effectively. Here are six such myths and healthy workarounds ...

TechVoice: Rajiv Mody of SASKEN On Reinventing The Wheel, Strengthening Core Capabilities & Standing Tall As A Product Behemoth


The world is going through challenging times. Industries are forced to revisit their product and marketing strategies, as we have to embrace a ‘new normal’. What better than to weigh in on the views by one of Indian IT’s doyens – Rajiv Mody, CEO of SASKEN Technologies. He has built a legacy for the Indian IT industry, establishing a foothold as one of the country’s leading product entities and charting new paths in areas like automotive, 5G, satcom, and telecom. Read on to know the success of SASKEN Technologies. SASKEN has weathered many storms in the world of IT & communications – what is your single biggest learning through it all? At every point in Sasken’s journey, we have held the belief that adversity and challenges present opportunities. I wo...

Leader Talk: In Conversation with Mr Agendra Kumar, President, Esri India


1. Please share your thoughts on how you are managing productivity? To have a clear understanding of productivity from our context, let me talk about Esri briefly, and what we do. Essentially there are two sides – product & services. We develop Geographic Information System (GIS) software and have about 5000+ customers in India with an an extensive tech support team to support our users. On the services side, we have domestic clients as well as US-based ones. From a services delivery standpoint, we were able to shift workstations (laptops & desktops) to a WFH model with practically no disruption. Yes, with the clients under lockdown, getting new business – particularly on the product side – has been a challenge. This, we believe, is a temporary decline. Nonetheless, our sales team ...

#LeaderTalk: In Conversation with Mr. Jaya Jayakumar, VP & Managing Director, Sabre GDC, Bangalore


1. How is Sabre re-imagining the business of travel? Sabre’s model is B2B. In the travel value chain, we have positioned ourselves within the traveler and travel supplier construct, which primarily comprises of the railways, airlines, hotels, etc. Our software and technology solutions enable seamless travel experiences for travelers, through bespoke offerings that are personalized to meet the traveler’s needs. In keeping with IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) program, we provide several solutions to travel suppliers to help them develop new airline retailing capabilities, which delivers more Intelligent and personalized offers to travelers. For instance, airlines can create smart offers based on the ancillary services availed by the traveler, thinking beyond the basic seat pricing. ...

Tips to Stay Resilient during Crisis


With what we are surrounded by right now, it is quite likely to cause a mental and an emotional wear. We all must stay resilient. With the panic that has struck the workforce due to #coronavirus outbreak; it is now upon the leadership to really lead with example. Here is how I deal with situations: Talking to a friendly face: Talking always helps. Conversations help build a sense of purpose. The mind can’t really focus when panicked. Make leisure time a priority: Sometimes, it becomes very important to take a step back and just relax. Leisure time is not a privilege, but a necessity. Take up relaxation practice: Relaxation techniques help reduce the stress and administer a sense of calm. A calm mind is active and creative. Sleep – The best medicine that cures all: Skipping even a few...

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