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AI For Good: The Road To Safety With Netradyne

Road safety is a major concern in India and across the globe. With increasing urbanization, higher vehicular density on the roads and bumper to bumper traffic, there is a strong need for continuous observation of traffic while on the move. Technologies like ADAS by definition are designed to assist the driver in this task and traverse the journey with safety. WHO’s Global status report on road saf...

Jungroo Learning- AI For GOOD Top Social Impactors

Jungroo has built an AI powered platform making learning personalised to the needs of each & every student

DataGlen Technologies- AI For GOOD Top Social Impactors

Dataglen builds IoT/AI solutions catering towards Solar Energy Generation and Management

Netradyne- AI for GOOD Top Social Impactor

Netradyne provides cutting-edge technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Edge Computing to help reduce accidents by creating a new safe driving standard for commercial vehicles

Vinfinet Technologies- AI For GOOD Top Social Impactors

Aindra is focused on making clinical pathology data driven, fast & patient centric helping in cervical cancer screening

Aindra Systems- AI For GOOD Top Social Impactors

Aindra is focused on making clinical pathology data driven, fast & patient centric helping in cervical cancer screening

Voxta Communications- AI For GOOD Top Social Impactor

Voxta has built a speech recognition platform and built proprietary algorithms and ASRs that allows to ‘give’ and ‘get’ informations. The chatbot has played a significant role in Swacch Bharat & Maternity Information Booklet

EasyGov(Surajya Services)-AI For GOOD Top Social Impactor

EasyGov(Surajya Services) is an AI based platform leveraging AADHAR stack for citizens to provide easy and convenient access to schemes and services from Govt. It has an AI information platform for Welfare schemes

AI Is Part of Our Lives Now, What Can Be Done To Enhance Its Standards & Use?

Artificial Intelligence isn’t a novelty, but redefining mundane activities as we know it. Connected devices are becoming more intelligent, thanks to the constant flow of user data, making AI a highly perceptive, intuitive and intriguing piece of technology. And it appears to be that imagination is the limit with AI – everyday, companies are finding newer ways to make AI a part of our everyday life...

AI For Good: When Aadhaar Stack meets Artificial Intelligence For Public Welfare

Pradhan Mantri Jeeva Jyoti Bima, Atal Pension Yojana, Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana… these are a handful of the thousands of welfare schemes rolled out by the Government of India. Every year, more than $150bn in funds is allocated by the Government of India for nearly 10,000 social welfare schemes for the economically-underprivileged sections of the nation. But, it is estimated that only aro...

AI For Good: Cleaning Up The Environment With Data-Driven Insights

Providing access to clean and cheap energy to the exploding world population is the single most important problem facing humanity.  – R. Smalley (1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry) The Uptake of Clean Energy Globally The Paris Accord, signed in 2016, was an agreement between countries to ensure a sustainable, low-carbon future. It was a historic moment that shed light on the dire consequences of the f...

AI For Good: The Shortest Path To Mastery Is Paved With AI

India has 315 million students – that’s a little short of the entire population of the United States of America! Generally, schools, government or private, have an upward of 40 students per class. In most rural areas, schools usually have just one teacher managing an entire school. India most definitely faces multiple challenges in the education sector – the general upkeep of schools is a He...

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