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Top 5 Reasons to Choose iPad Survey App to collect Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback Software has become one of the most ideal ways for businesses to measure and analyze customer satisfaction. Based on where the customers are, multiple ways can be used to get customer feedback – like through SMS surveys, Email Surveys, Online Surveys, and by setting up iPads and Android tablets as Kiosks.  Using tablets and iPads is a great way to get feedback from customer...

3 Best Customer Feedback Metrics you must Track in 2020

All businesses need to know if they’re on the right track or not. The best way to know this, of course, is to measure customer satisfaction. This helps you get a good insight into your customers’ level of happiness and satisfaction with the experience and services you offer.  To measure customer satisfaction, you can ask your customers to share their feedback at various touchpoints of ...

How does one normalize customer feedback which may be diverse and varied?

If you speak to 10 different customers, their inputs on the kind of preferred experience they’d like to have may differ widely. So what kind of metrics are being used in the industry to normalize disparate data and arrive at viable solution.