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Airflow on Anaconda: A Match Made in Heaven, Perfected by Qubole

Apache Airflow is a workflow management platform used to author workflows as Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs). This makes it easier to build data pipelines, monitor them, and perform ETL operations. A simple machine learning task may involve complex data pipelines. Triggering and monitoring these pipelines manually may cause unnecessary overhead and errors. Qubole offers Airflow running on top of th...

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Introduction to data science : How to big data with python

Information science, investigation, AI, huge information… All commonplace terms in the present tech features, yet they can appear to be overwhelming, murky or essentially incomprehensible. In spite of their schick glimmer, they are *real* fields and you can ace them! We’ll jump into what information science comprises of and how we can utilize Python to perform information examination for us....