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Impact of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on the Indian Economy

The nation was trapped in the net of indirect taxes as well as the archaic taxation system and the economy needed a push for a simple, flat tax structure that would simplify the complicated tax policy. As the new taxation reform GST was introduced with the slogan of one tax one nation, economists hoped that it would iron out the wrinkles in the existing tax system. While on one, the rollout of new...

How GST transformed the Indian economy?

Impact of the Goods and Services Tax in first one year The 14 year-long journey of the Goods and Services Tax finally culminated on the July 1 2017, with the implementation of what was touted to be the biggest tax reform for the country in 70 years of independence. While the central government was confident of launching the GST as a Good and Simple Tax, there were a lot of others who wanted to kee...

How GST is a Boon for Indian Economy?

Every coin has two facets and so the same applies to the concept of implementation of the GST in India. Of course, this is the biggest Tax reformation in India after independence and thus it will have a tremendous and direct futuristic impact on the economic front. However, few negotiable short-term negative issues too are associated with it, but for the sake of an accelerated economy, a revolutio...