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#TechFightsCovid: FinTech Disrupts Corona


“FinTech is not only an enabler but the driving engine”                                                                                                 -Pierre Gramegna While the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the entire world, governments’ response to this international health crisis has worsened the global economy. Substantial lockdowns and social distancing measures are leading to tremendous unemp...

5 Techniques to draw insights from data


“Data is the new oil.” — Clive Humby Clive Robert Humby OBE is a British mathematician and entrepreneur in the field of data science and customer-centric business strategies. It is rightly pointed by him about data. Each & every industry/business is standing on the pillars of data. Facebook, Jio – two separate industry players yet united by Data to take on the globe. Data is driving busi...

From Data to Decision: The Digital Marketer’s Journey


“We must move from numbers keeping score, to numbers that drive better actions.” –David Walmsley, Chief Customer Officer at House of Fraser What is the hype today around data, digital strategy and informed decision making? Why is everyone, including the big names in every industry, gushing towards leveraging the power of data-driven decisions to bring superior and indisputable value to their clien...

What I Learnt from Social Networking! – Driving employee engagement & collaboration at the workplace


All of us have a need for a sense of belonging, and we assemble ourselves in specific tribes based our ideas, hobbies, likes and even dislikes. In large organizations, hundreds of employees enter their workplace every morning, run into random people during breaks, eat lunch, and leave work around the same time, but only really engage and collaborate with a few team members. It is not that we are d...

Leader Talk: Thoughts and insights from L C Singh, Director and Executive Vice Chairman, Nihilent


My Early Years  The company that dominated the industry until 1980s was IBM. The whole world moved around IBM’s vision of computing power, of faster computers. And when I joined TCS in 1981, the world of computing also changed, with the advent of the likes of Apple, IBM PC, and Microsoft. I was fortunate to have a leader like Dr. F. C. Kohli at TCS. We will all agree that he set the defining tone ...

Manufacturing Under Lockdown: Insights On eXtended Reality Enabling Remote Assistance & Virtual Collaboration


COVID19 has put the brakes on life as we know it. Specifically, the manufacturing sector has come to a grinding halt as a result, causing a wave of concern among shareholders & industry leaders. Manufacturing in India is the lifeline; valued at more than $400bn, could possibly get a fillip from a raft of new technologies to ensure processes can continue without disruption and minimal physical ...

ACCA Economic Briefing: insights into the economic consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic by Michael Taylor, chief economist – ACCA

| 24 March 2020: ACCA’s chief economist, Michael Taylor, presents the latest of ACCA’s economic insights into the economic consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic The global economy is heading into a recession, initially at least a pretty severe one. The measures introduced by governments in an attempt to slow the spre...

Global Megatrends of the TECHADE 2020–2030


A new decade is upon us! NASSCOM has pronounced it the TECHADE! Technology will disrupt everything – businesses, governments, consumption, and the environment around us. But technology will not remain limited to a sector, function, cost bucket, or a strategic input; instead, technology will emerge as BOTH the cause of many global shifts and the core solution addressing most of them. During this de...

NASSCOM Masterclass: Generational Integration At Work – Insights From Psychology

For the first time in history, we are witnessing businesses with employees aged anywhere between 18 and 80 working together, there are at least 4 generations working under the same roof. Getting the generations of today’s workforce to collaborate cohesively is one of the top challenges in the pursuit of workplace harmony. What mind-sets do different generations bring to work? How can your or...

Fantastic insights on Drones and the future


In the Nasscom Product Conclave at Bengaluru 2019,  there was a panel discussion on drones and their future. This had piqued my curiosity. Having been continuously plagued by the obnoxious “t” word in Bengaluru, I was wondering what relief, if any, could drones bring in the future. As a hard core Bengalurian, I make it a point to not mention the “t” word in its entirety as ...

NASSCOM Research – The most credible technology, insights & thought leadership in India


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Design Thinking: From Insight to Innovation


Staying relevant is a challenge. Even while catching up with business partners or social circles, it is important to make sure that you are not rusting away in the dark. When we plan our strategy to stay abreast with today’s demands and tomorrow’s expectations, one must be able to empathize with the ones making those demands and expectations — the consumer. This is the first step of design thinkin...

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