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Indian startups Guide to strategic hiring and making it to unicorn hood

In the end “Talent is all that matters” Right now most of the Indian startups are moving into mature phase while there is plenty of opportunity for new players to establish themselves in the current market. The ambition to achieve Unicorn status is a goal of every entrepreneur in the Indian startup scenario. The winning edge that new players have is they can set/innovate their businesses based on ...

Surprise surprise. India has a Gaming Unicorn!

Surprise surprise. India has a Gaming Unicorn! It’s not foodtech (Swiggy, Zomato), or edutech (Byju’s), nor a B2B marketplace (Udaan) but it’s good old gaming! Who ever thought that a gaming start-up out of India will become an unicorn?. The rise of Dream11 has been phenomenal, so much so that companies such as Paytm and PhonePe have also decided to enter in this field. So, what make gaming intere...

Where are the Indian IOT unicorns?

During last few months of conversations with various stakeholders, somehow, the issue that always comes up is India does not have any significant innovations in IOT space. Some say we we have only managed to tinker a little, some others believe serious work is being done but they have not caught the public eye. We are are starting a series to highlight the IOT products coming out of India. You can...